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I signed up with three extras agencies after leaving the BBC - and the work rolled in: from soaps, to crime dramas, TV ads and a few movies, too. Fancy being a supporting artist?

Here's a link to a piece I wrote soon after my first few jobs.

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In Films...

There have been a couple of movies along the way: Molly Moon and Une Rencontre, both still in production and both filmed in London. The location for the French one was the Tate Gallery... with a long break for lunch. What a treat. A great meal and the chance to peruse the artwork overlooking the Thames before going back on set... Read more

In Adverts...

Commercials are fun, too (and often pay more…!) One involved being part of a crowd of football supporters watching Japanese star player Shinji Kagawa. Oh... and having to shout out approval for the soft drink the company was promoting... in Japanese... Read more

In Dramas...

From the lap of luxury, to cagoules and hiking boots on an isolated moorland. That was the location for a crime drama that's still in production. But once again, I found myself in a minibus full of strangers, being driver higher and higher up into the moors to one of the most desolate spots... Read more

In Soaps...

One of the most exciting jobs was working on Coronation Street in Manchester. I was asked to be in several different scenes, all filmed at the hospital at the time Tina was expecting her baby. This proved to be a really controversial and emotionally-fraught storyline, watched by millions. So even if you're only... Read more

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Jane McIntyre

Although the work can be exciting and even glamorous sometimes (nothing nicer than having professional make-up artists do your face and hair for you…!), there's often a lot of sitting around, so be prepared for that. The upside of that, of course, is who you get to meet. Stars? No. You might see them, but you leave them to it. The extras, though, come from all walks of life. All of the ones I've met so far have been lovely to talk to, and it's brilliant when you bump into them again on a completely different production.

Some (like a band of ex Merseyside cops I've met a few times lately) make you laugh - they're just great to be around. Others, like Hugh,who's worked on a vast range of productions, pass on handy tips about the work. And even handy handwarmers (thanks, Hugh!) to keep you cosy while you're waiting around. Others, like this lovely lady, just inspire you, and while the cameras roll, and the stars deliver their lines, you realise that sometimes, just sometimes, the extras' own 'storylines' are the ones you'll remember forever. Here is Pauline's.